Himcapes Institute college nursing

A) The semester-wise course structure for the B.A.LL.B (Hons.) degree programme shall be as under:-

1st Semester
 Course No.  Title of Subject
 101  English-I
 102  History-I
 103  Sociology
 104  Law of Torts, Motor Vehicle Act, 1998 and Consumer Protection Act, 1986
 105  Family Law-1
2nd Semester
 106   Environmental Studies
 107  History-II (Legal and Constitutional History of India)
 108  Sociology of Law
 109   Law of Crimes-I
 110   Law of Crimes-I
3rd Semester
  201  English-II
 202  Political Science-I
 203  Economics-I
 204  Law of contract-I
 205  Constitutional Law –I
 206  Environmental Law
4th Semester
 207  English-III
 208  Economics-II
 209  Political Science-II
 210  Professional Ethics and Professional Accounting System (Practical/Clinical-1)
 211  Law of Contract-II
 212  Constitutional Law-II
5th Semester
 301   Public Administration-II
 302  Psychology-I
 303   Political Science-II
 304  Property Law and India Easement Act, 1882
 305  Law of Crime-II
 306  Civil Procedure code and limitation Act.
6th Semester
 307  Public Administration-II
 308  Psychology-II
 309  Local Self Government including Panchayat Administration
 310  Jurisprudence (Legal Method, Indian Legal System and Basic Theory of Law)
 311  Law of Evidence
 312  Public International Law
7th Semester
 401  Journalism and Mass Communication-I
 402  Labour and Industrial Laws-I
 403  Administrative Law and Right to Information
 404 Alternative Dispute Resolution ADR(Practical/Clinical-II)

 405. optional subject any one:-


a) International Humanitarian and Refugee Law
 b) International Criminal Law and ICC
c) International Labour Organizations and Labour Laws

 406. optional subject any one:-

 a) Comparative Law
 b) Women and Law
 c) Election Law
8th Semester
  407  Media and Law
 408  Taxation Law
 409  Labour Law & Industrial Law-II
 410  Company Law

 411. optional subject any one 

 a) Law of Patents and Bio-Diversity Protection
 b) Copy Right, Trade Mark Law and Designs Act

 412. optional subject any on 

 a) Criminology
  b) Socio-Economic Offences
9th Semester
 501  Banking Law
 502  Drafting Pleading and Conveyancing (Practical/Clinical-III)


 Business Law

 504. optional subject any one

 a) Human Rights Law
 b) Health Care Law
 c) Law, Poverty and Development

 505. optional subject any one

 a) Equity, Trust and other Fiduciary Obligations
  b) Corporate Governance
  c) Insurance Law
10th Semester
 506   a)Interpretation of Statutes
 507  b) Land Laws
 508   c)Land Laws
 509. optional subject any one    a) Capital Market Regulation
 a) Capital Market Regulation
 c) Law on Corporate Finance
510. optional subject any one    a) International Trade Law
 a) International Organizations
  c) Private International Law

B) The semester-wise course structure for the LL.B degree programme shall be as under:-

1st Semester
Course No. Title of Subject
Constitutional Law-I
 II Law of Contract
Law of Tort including Motor Vehicle Accidents and Consumer Protection Law
IV Law of Crimes-I (Indian Penal Code, 1860)
 V Labour and Industrial Law
2nd Semester
VI Constitutional Law-II
Administrative Law
VIII Cyber Law & Crimes
IX Environmental Law
X Family Law-I
3rd Semester
XI Law of Crimes-II (The Code of Criminal Procedure, 1973)
XII Family Law-II
XIII Professional Ethics, Accountancy for Lawyers and Bench Bar                 Relations (Clinical-I)
Public International Law
Jurisprudence (Legal Method, Indian Legal System, & Basic Theory of Law)
4th Semester
XVI Law of Evidence
XVII Banking Law
XVIII Intellectual Property Law
XIX Interpretation of Statutes and Principles of Legislation
XX Alternative Dispute Resolution (Practical/Clinical-II)
5th Semester
XXI Property Law Including Transfer of Property Act
XXII Civil Procedure Code & Limitation Act
XXIII Company Law
XXIV Drafting, Pleading & Conveyancing (Practical/Clinical-III)
6th Semester
XXV Land Laws Including Ceiling and other Local Laws
XXVI Principles of Taxation Law
International Human Rights
XXVIII Moot Court Practical Course (Clinical-IV)